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Little Gidding Church is difficult to find, but unforgettable when found. It is a secluded place in remote Huntingdonshire countryside which has borne witness to turbulent times over a thousand years with serenity, simplicity and peace. Nicholas Ferrar and his family formed the first Anglican community here in 1625 after the religious changes of the English Reformation. King Charles I visited in 1642, and sought refuge in 1646.

The poet T.S. Eliot visited in 1936, and was moved to reflect upon the Church and its history in the last of his Four Quartets: Little Gidding.

The Church is in the care of the Giddings PCC, and we invite you to explore this website, and to join us at one of the regular services when you can.

The church is open between the hours of 10am and 5pm everyday of the week.

Please contact either: John DeVal (tel:  01832 293417) or Michael Keck (tel:  018932 293357)

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May 2020. Little Gidding church is closed, and shrouded, for some months to come while the roof is being restored. Unfortunately this means there is no possibility of visiting it. Ferrar House is also closed, along with all other places of hospitality in the UK.

When it is open again, that will be noted on this page of the website: in the meantime explore the church on the following pages.

A brief leaflet offering a very simple guide about how we are seeking to respond appropriately and sensibly, out of care and love, in the present situationdownload
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World Wide Web of Friendship

Nicholas Ferrar wrote to advise his cousin Arthur Woodnoth on a matter of business on 10th May 1630, warning him not to interrupt “…that web of friendship which I hope might otherwise prove a pattern in an age that needs patterns”

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Statue of Nicholas Ferrar
Nicholas Ferrar
The Ferrar family: an example of family piety espoused by the reformed Church of England in 1620s
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Large stained glass crucifixion installed by William Hopkinson
Little Gidding profoundly affected T.S. Eliot
T.S. Eliot
The poet visited Little Gidding in the spring of 1936.
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